The Essential Flu Season Grocery List

The worst flu season scenario is getting caught with a sick family and without the right supplies to take care of them. It's best to stock up ahead of time, and keep the right remedies and fixes on hand to get everyone back to health as soon as possible!

That's why we've made this handy printable grocery list, which you can download and take with you to the store. On it, you'll find a pretty comprehensive list of supplies that you'll want to have before and during the season:


  • Fruits and vegetables chalk full of vitamin C, for instance, will help keep your family from getting sick... and help them kick the infection even when they do get sick! In fact, each of the four foods listed here actually have way more vitamin C than an orange. Yum!
  • Comfort foods that won't make sick kids feel even worse. For vomiting, stick to the BRAT diet of bananas, rice, applesauce, and toast - and electrolyte popsicles to keep hydrated. Where possible, keep their strength up with easy-to-swallow high-protein options like chicken broth. Finally, Peppermint tea helps soothe sore throats and kill germs.
  • Keep disinfecting wipes, hand sanitizer, and plenty of tissues on hand to minimize the spread of germs around the household. Finally, make sure to stock up on Genexa's line of cold and flu medicines for kids and adults! 

Now you're all set to take whatever this flu season throws at you. And remember, Genexa always has your back!

Download your printable grocery list here. 

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