Get to Know Your Medicine

Why Organic Medicine

Get to Know Your Medicine

We make organic medicines that are purer, cleaner, and healthier for your body.

We Use Only the Good Stuff

We believe that health matters, which is why our formulas have certified organic and non-GMO active and inactive ingredients.

What Makes Our Medicines Healthier
  • No GMOs, antibiotics, or growth hormones

    Our medicines are free of genetically modified organisms and synthetic drugs.

  • Audit trail from farm to table

    From harvest to bottling, we ensure integrity in every step of our process.

  • No toxic persistent pesticides

    Our ingredients are never grown with pesticides that are harmful to our health and to the environment.


Most medicines are full of unhealthy genetically modified ingredients that can be harmful to your body. At Genexa, we only use non-GMO ingredients in our formulas.


Has not been genetically altered or scientifically engineered


Injected with pesticides to survive unhealthy chemical-doused soil

Know What's In Your Medicine

We pride ourselves on being transparent about each ingredient that goes into our medicines.

  • Ruta graveolens

    Ruta graveolens

    From the common rue
    Ruta graveolens is a powerful first aid treatment for sprains, strains, bruises and other injuries. In this formula, it is used for helping to relieve muscle pain and muscle soreness.
  • Ranunculus bulbosus

    Ranunculus bulbosus

    From the bulbous buttercup
    Ranunculus bulbosus helps relieve symptoms of hay fever, and treats allergic headaches.
  • Colchicum autumnale

    Colchicum autumnale

    From the meadow saffron
    Colchicum autumnale is a widely used remedy and helps treat pain in joints and legs.
  • Valeriana officinalis

    Valeriana officinalis

    From the valerian root
    Valeriana officinalis, or valerian, is a polychrest remedy known for its sedative properties. We use it to help treat restless sleep.
  • Passiflora incarnata

    Passiflora incarnata

    From the purple passionflower
    Passiflora incarnata helps to provide a soothing effect and is a key active ingredient to help remedy sleeplessness from worries and restlessness.
Quality Medicine for You and Your Family

Quality Medicine for You and Your Family

Quality Medicine for You and Your Family

Quality Medicine for You and Your Family

We pioneered the technology to make the best medicines possible for your body.

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